Oct 18, 2016

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Dealing with Fever in Kids

Your kids are having a fever and you freak out? When your kids aren’t well and they have a fever, it is quite logical and normal as a parent to get confused and freak out. However, being wise will be able to help you make a right decision than being panicky. For better knowledge visit http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/10/16/well/live/health-tips-for-your-20s.html?_r=0

The Basic Facts

When your kids are having a fever, observe their conditions. As long as it is not over 38 degrees Celsius and your kids aren’t having a seizure, it is still alright. If the fever isn’t lasting for more than 3 days, it is still considered okay. The body has its own mechanism to protect itself against attack. Fever is one of the mechanisms of body’s natural protection. Give them a warm compress and paracetamol to make them more comfortable.

nike-air-max-2016-womens-black-pink-orange-running-shoesWhen should you see the doctor? Go to the pediatrician if your kids are having a seizure, if the fever is more than 38 degrees Celsius, or if the fever has lasted for more than 3 days. That’s why it is always handy to have your own thermometer, a soft cloth for the compress, and also paracetamol. Keep in mind that paracetamol isn’t the cure for the fever; it is merely a temporary medication to make your kids more comfortable and be able to rest or sleep.